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Wpaper-Cover-CECHigh-efficiency battery chargers save energy, cut costs

New requirements for energy efficiency have pushed designers of industrial battery chargers to focus on the total amount of energy consumed in the charging process.

Most charger manufacturers report only the maximum efficiency the charger can achieve. But innovative new technology focuses on minimizing energy waste throughout the entire charge cycle, from start to finish and during standby.

These new smart chargers are expected to save enough energy to pay for themselves in less than two years.

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Wpaper-Cover-FastChargeFast Charging Facts: Enhancing use of electric lift trucks, AGVs, and other motive electric vehicles

Fast charging of industrial batteries has become a main stream charging technology due to operational savings, increased productivity, and safety that this technology offers.

Users have realized the benefits of fast charging and continue to realize the benefits at manufacturing plants and distribution centers throughout the US.

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