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PowerTrac DT

The PowerTrac DT is a diagnostics tool that monitors and logs material handling vehicle performance over a short period of time. The PowerTrac DT allows users to select and size batteries for evaluating electric vehicle applications and equipment. The PowerTrac DT records the vehicles ampere-hours (Ahr) during the time the PowerTrac DT is installed. The PowerTrac DT can help you determine how many batteries you need, why batteries might not be lasting as long as they should and if opportunity or fast charging are a better fit for your facility. The PowerTrac DT helps you determine the best battery/charging solution based on your power study data. The PowerTrac DT is a plug-and-play device that is easy to install, which makes it quite easy to use with existing battery systems.  PowerTrac DT is a real-time data logging system that tracks battery activity during the short-time the unit is plugged into the battery. Once disconnected the data is stored in the non-volatile memory for access at a later date. pdfDownload  Specifications