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Power Designers was founded in 1998 using base technology developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Power Designers USA LLC leads the motive industrial battery charger market with its conventional, opportunity and fast battery charging technologies, monitoring programs, and infrastructure management solutions. Power Designers was the first to develop modular chargers and leads the motive industrial battery charging market with its charging technologies. Power Designers is recognized as the industry standard for innovation and has continued to lead the fast charging market for industrial battery use. Today, our team of engineers is continuing Power Designers’ legacy of innovative technology with our new line of REVOLUTION battery chargers. The REVOLUTION battery chargers have energy efficiencies exceeding all current technology that will revolutionize electric motive power. A Brief History of the company that REVOLUTIONIZED charging!   Timeline Complete Charger Solutions Power Designers engineers and manufactures a complete line of battery charger products that are made in the USA; including intelligent high frequency chargers, monitors, cyclers, and monitoring software. REVOLUTION Modular Charger Complete line of modular high frequency battery chargers that incorporate multiple 1.3kW power modules, sized to more closely match your specific need. (Patent 7,135,836 B2) PowerCharge.NET Web-based communication system to monitor multiple fleets in multiple locations, to help you understand how your forklifts, batteries and chargers are performing. Patented 1st Modular Charger The PowerCharge XP Series is a high frequency changer comprised of drawers that can expand in increments of 10kW from 10kW to 30kW. (Patent 6,664,762 B2) PowerTrac Battery Monitor Battery data logger that attaches to your battery to provide you with instant continuous battery diagnostics. (Patent 7,173,429 B2) Charging Innovation Begins Power Designers was founded using base technology developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.